Benefits of a Raised Floor System

Since you sometimes install a raised floor system for the advantage of your data center’s operation, let’s review a number of the key advantages this type of flooring adds to your computer room’s functionality:

Cable management: From eliminating tripping hazards to providing an alternative to heat exposure in hot aisles, raised floors are a perfect way of managing the vast networks of cables that come alongside rows and rows of servers and related computer equipment. Plus, with all cables concealed below your raised floor, all you’re left with is maybe a neat arrangement of racks and aisles.

Upgrade flexibility: the power to quickly reconfigure and/or replace raised floor tiles means when it’s time to feature or upgrade equipment, you’ll do so with full access to the underfloor space. Whether you’re combining grated tiles or floor diffusers. Raised floor systems are an outstanding recognition to supporting your data center now and throughout all of its future upgrades.

Cooling capability: one among the leading advantages of raised floor systems for data centers is their support of more efficient airflow management. Since warm air rises, many overhead cooling systems convince be ineffective. In contrast, raised floors enable the efficient delivery of cool air from beneath equipment — also because of the establishment of hot- and cold-aisle arrangements.

Grounding capabilities: Although raised floors aren’t grounded themselves, they permit quick access to the building ground. alongside specially designed flooring tiles, raised floor systems are an excellent way of dissipating static energy.